Individual Counselling

The appointments are primarily 1:1,  one hour, counselling sessions. During this time challenges and issues are discussed with grounded suggestions/strategies developed to help the individual move forward in their own personal growth. At times, sessions may simply include dialogue while other sessions include dialogue with the inclusion of art, crafts, animal husbandry, interaction with  animals and/or long walks in our forest.

Important Considerations

One of the most important considerations when looking for a mental health professional, is the relationship that can be / or is created between the counselor and client. Fawg Forest has developed a unique approach but it may not be the right "fit" for everyone. Clients that attend our service are invited to attend a few sessions, then evaluate if they believe our service is the "right" one for them.

When choosing a mental health professional consider professional associations & membership, professional standards, credentials, experience and skill. There are many different services and knowing what potential outcome you want from the counselling experience is very important when choosing the "right" service.

Public Presentations and Teaching

On occasion, I will provide mental health and wellness  presentations to local  groups. I have presented on numerous topics to students of all ages, parent groups, health care professionals, educators and community interest groups.

Professional Partnerships

Fawg Forest is a proud associate of "Cappelli and Associates"  Ottawa, Ontario. This practice is lead by Dr. Mario Cappelli PHD, Fawg Forest has been a clinical associate with this professional group for close to 30 years. 

Fawg Forest also provides clinical services for clients referred by  Ministry Of the Attorney General Victim and Vulnerable Persons Division Victim Quick Response Program VQRP.

Fawg Forest also supports clients referred by ICE program, Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Center.

Referral sources are extensive, CHEO, family physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, schools, CAS, child and youth wellness agencies and individuals........


Fawg Forest is a private practice, as a result there is a fee for services. Our clinical work is covered by most insurance companies, if the coverage is specific to psychological services. Please contact us with any further questions.


Fawg Forest Mental Health and Counselling is a small practice. Although our capacity is limited we are usually able to provide service without a significant waiting period. Appointments tend to be provided on a weekly basis. School age children are usually seen on the weekends,  to be less disruptive to school studies. At times, week day appointments are provided and after school appointments are limited.