Owner and Facilitator

MaryLou Macfarlane -File is the founder of Fawg Forest Therapeutic Farm. MaryLou is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse belonging to associations Ontario Nurses Association  and Registered Nurses Association of Ontario. MaryLou has a very extensive career in Mental Health, Psychiatry  and Addictions. Her experience includes front-line work, program development, lectures/presentations and senior leadership. During this active career, MaryLou has maintained her love of animals and  a small private practice for over 30 years.  This private practice work, has evolved into the present day "Fawg Forest Therapeutic Farm and Counselling Service".


MaryLou retired from hospital / facility leadership a few years ago, but continue with private practice. Today she facilitates Fawg Forest on a "part-time basis" ( although there is ongoing and continued demand) this work remains one of her passions.  

No need to advertise....

An interesting fact about Fawg Forest, is that there has been little or no advertisement necessary for the service to flourish. Largely, new referrals come  via  "word of mouth" / reputation. This is perhaps the most significant and certainly a point of pride.  This web page and limited Facebook page were developed to provide information to those considering our service.